I am afraid we are losing. There is a battle for the mind and heart that is being waged against our children. Most parents are not prepared to protect and equip their child to excel It’s not that parents are “bad” or unwilling. Unfortunately, most parents are unaware of the challenges this new technological age has created for their child. Even if they are aware of these challenges it is difficult to find solutions to not only protect their children but also to prepare them to thrive in such a godless culture.

Furthermore, the unwillingness of churches to work together has caused the body of Christ to be divided. If we are going to succeed in the battle for our children, we must make every effort to equip our minds with Biblical truth, to protect our children from impurity, and to prepare our children to thrive in a world that has abandoned almost any sexual ethic.

Let me invite you to join the #noParentleftbehind movement which has two purposes:


Teaching every teenager willing to attend practical, Biblical truth about having a pure heart, mind and body


Equipping parents with the tools they need to help their children thrive in this battle