The Pure.Truth. Movement is about one thing: impacting others with the love of Jesus. Impurity is destroying marriages, families, and the most important relationship we have, our relationship with Christ. Click over the pictures below to read about how God has been using this important day to touch lives!

Youth Pastors: Go out of your way to make sure that your teens get a chance to attend! [This] conference challenged our teens to live a life of purity AND gave them the tools to set them up for success. This is not just a "sexual abstinence" conference, it goes beyond that, it is an issue of the heart. Paul Corlew, Student Pastor Indianapolis, IN
Excellent conference! By far the best presentation of the subject I have ever experienced! The conference itself was amazing. The 30 Day Challenge website and resources given to the students was the best idea I have seen! Thanks so much to Ben Schettler for following God's leading in this plan, and for caring so much for "my" teens! Carl Davis, Student Pastor, Brunswick, OH
The entire day was a help to our teens, but I think the biggest impact may have been with the parents. There just aren't things out there like this for them and they desperately need it, and most of them want it. Aaron King, Student Pastor, Rockford, IL
The conference tackles the larger life issues that face the average young person. This conference without a doubt will be informative and effective in motivating your young people to overcome the overwhelming temptations that culture at large is using to distract them from their ultimate joy and pleasure in Christ. Nathan Allen, Student PastorLouisville, KY
[This] conference was one of the best conferences our teens have attended. They came back and shared testimonies with the church on how they were challenged, but most of all how the Holy Spirit spoke to them and how they intend to keep the commitments they made. I would recommend this event for every teen, parent of a teen, and grandparent of a teen. The conference gave Godly, practical applications and relative information to teens and parents who can apply what they learned today. Tina, Youth Worker South Haven, MI