Why is Pure.Truth. so impactful for a parent or teen?

Pure.Truth. meets parents and teens in a relevant way. Too often relevance has been defined by the “cool factor.”  While we know your students will enjoy the presentation, to us being relevant means being creative about the way we relate the message of the Bible to the 21st century context with which teens are being challenged. This conference not only addresses purity but it answers the important question, “why?” It also challenges each student to develop a plan of action and leaves them with videos and a plan for the next 30 days to follow God. This conference is relevant not because its “cool” but because the information is made accessible, usable, and relatable to teens.  The conference is also relevant to parents.  This conference will make parents aware of everything from the culture their child is being raised in to practical ideas like, how to talk to your child about sex, how to completely protect your child from the dangers of the internet, and how to build a relationship with your child that will help them guard their heart from impurity and thrive in their relationship with Christ.  

What will my teens learn at the Pure.Truth. Conference?

They will learn that purity is not just a decision to abstain but a condition of the heart. They will learn the importance of christian marriage, a lifetime of love, the value of waiting, and how to handle the temptations of the internet and their phone. The philosophy of Pure.Truth. begins with giving a Biblical rational for obedience to God. We know that your teens want to know, "why?" We include statistics and other important information that deters the listeners, but our primary goal is to deepen the students relationship with Christ. Purity is not an end unto itself, a pure heart is what allows us to see God.  

What is the parent track all about?

We believe that the family is God’s primary mechanism for maturing young people in their faith. While the information at the conference will be helpful, it is vital for young people to return to an environment where the truth of Biblical purity is reinforced. The parent track is specifically positioned to give additional tools to parents as they lead their children.


One of the questions we receive the most from parents is, “How do I talk to my child about such a sensitive topic?” If your students don’t get answers from you they will get them somewhere. The conference will give you ways that you can utilize the 30 day challenge for connection with your child and practical help for engaging them in a dialogue about biblical purity.


Parents are immigrants not natural born citizens of this technological age. Most children understand and interact with technology on a higher level than their parents. Many times parents are not aware of the challenges to purity that this exposure to technology brings.


It can be difficult raising a teenager. But many other students are experiencing the same challenges as your child and many other parents are experiencing the difficulties you are. You will be encouraged by seasoned youth speakers about the role you play in your child’s life.

Bible Answers

The greatest book on parenting was written by God Himself. We want to examine what the Bible says about leading your child by grace into the fullness of the Holy Spirit and into a life that is pleasing to Him. Purity begins with Bible knowledge.

Why are Pure.Truth. Conferences effective?

A New Philosophy:

It is time that the church approach the topic of purity with a fresh Biblical approach. A one time purity commitment to abstain from a physical relationship is only the beginning step to purity. At Pure.Truth. we challenge students to seek God from the heart, the place where purity begins.

Continued Help:

We don’t leave students hanging. After the event, there is a follow-up 30 day challenge that is available in their notebook. There is a video for everyday of the challenge, a verse to meditate on, and a step of action.

Parent Education:

We provide help to the entire family not just part of the family. Informed and proactive parents are one of the keys to a student living pure.

Relevant Speakers:

Your students will love the games, giveaways and music at the event but we believe that the thing they will love the most are the talks that they hear about purity. God has gifted some people in ways to be effective with communicating to others. Expect to hear gifted communicators teaching the Word to your students. We don’t apologize for placing the teaching, preaching, and communicating of the Word of God as the primary priority at Pure.Truth.

A Work of God:

While we ask God to use us, we understand that we are only vessels. He is the one who is going to effect real change in the heart of a student.

Directness with Appropriateness:

Unfortunately, there are some purity speakers and programs that expose students to impurity by being graphic and inappropriate. We value the innocence of the student and understand that things can be phrased in an appropriate way without being graphic or explicit.

What about refunds?

All ticket sales are final. If you are registering as a group any student or parent tickets are transferable within your group. We do not need to know which students are connected to which tickets. In the event of an act of God or a complete cancelation of the event for reasons outside of anyone’s control we will attempt to reschedule the event. Although this has never happened in a worse case scenario where the event cannot be rescheduled tickets will be refunded minus a seven dollar processing fee.