The Supreme Court Has Ruled...What Now?

Ben Schettler - Friday, June 26, 2015

I am finishing a historic day for our nation in the Atlanta airport.  As I wait for my flight I am trying to make sense of what the monumental decision handed down by the Supreme Court will mean to the church, to my family, and to the people I see busily walking by me.  As the culture shifts, there is a part of me that just wishes God would change His mind.  That somehow the Bible could be re-written.  Of course God can't change.  He is perfect.  And it is my imperfection that causes me to question Him.  

As we struggle forward, here are some observations worth considering.    

1. Love Wins.  #LoveWins has trended on thousands of celebratory posts.  And the celebrators are right, love does win!  I am not worried.  I am not afraid.  God is in control.  He is alive from the dead.  In the end His love wins out over all! 

2.  We invited the secular into the sacred and now we are surprised, disappointed, and in some cases outraged at the results.  Perhaps it is the church that needs to brush up on its definition of marriage.  Marriage is a covenant between a man a woman and God.  How did the government get involved in all of this?  Why have we as the church allowed our definition of marriage to extend beyond the sacred covenant that it is?  Why have we allowed so much of our identity as Christians to be confused with our identity as Americans?  Why do we expect non-Christian leaders to behave biblically?  My faith is not in a document in Washington and my marriage is not validated by a document in the county courthouse.  

3.  The marriage we should be most concerned about is our own or the one we might have someday.  As I think about the many couples that will enter a union with each other, I also think of the heart-break and trouble that will come to some in a union of the same sex just as it has come to many marriages of the opposite sex.  Not only was marriage designed for a man and a woman it was designed for two perfect people, Adam and Eve.  Our own imperfection is the great obstacle to marital happiness.

Today I could spend my time thinking about how our government has missed the mark in its definition of marriage.  Perhaps this is good to reflect on. 

But let me spend far more time concerned with my own marriage.  My wife deserves my love and devotion to her.  Let me focus on her and us before I focus on anyone else. 

4.  The rainbow has been pulled from its biblical roots to be synonymous with the celebration of non-heterosexual sex.  I doubt the gay community realizes how appropriate the symbol they have chosen for their movement is.  A rainbow is more than just a beautiful array of colors in the sky.  It is a promise.  A covenant between God and all humankind that He will never again destroy the world with a flood no matter how unholy our behavior is.

Whenever I see the rainbow I think of God’s mercy for me.  I am deserving of God’s judgement.  I am impeferct.  Flawed.  Broken.  Sinful. 

Yet God extended His mercy to me through His great love.  As the rainbow flag flies I am reminded of God's merciful promise.  I am reminded to love with the love I have been loved with.  

How can I hold back mercy for someone who God loves so deeply?

5.  It’s incredibly important to teach our children the truth of the Bible.  Clearly we are walking into a time where opposites are celebrated.  While it might be easy to fire off some choice words on social media directed at those with whom you disagree, the greatest opportunity you may have to make a difference is in your own home with your own children.  Our children must learn from our actions and our words.  May both line up with the Bible.  (Teaching the next generation the truth is what Pure. Truth. is all about.)  

6.  Perhaps the greatest reminder of the day is how important the gospel really is.  Without it we are lost.  The gospel brings meaning and clarity to life that no marriage can.  It brings hope for the future and grace for today.  We need the gospel.  We need Jesus.  We need His love.   And what we need is available.  He is there for anyone who will recieve Him!  

What are your thoughts on the Supreme Court's ruling?  I would love to hear what you think.     

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