What Is The Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Child?

Ben Schettler - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Worst or best are hard to quantify.  Trying to decide what the absolute worst thing that a parent could do to a child may spark some unwanted discussion.  So let me phrase what I want to say by using the phrase, "one of the worst things…"  

As a national speaker and someone that hears many honest confessions of teens, I have come to the conclusions that one of the worst things you can do to a child is to give them unfiltered or unsupervised access to the internet.  

It's time we begin to realize that pointing our children away from the porn section of the magazine rack isn't enough.  If they have a cell phone with internet access they have all of the world's pornography right in their pocket.  Let me say that again.  They have all the world's pornography right in their pocket!  That availability is dangerous!  

I can't tell you the winning lottery numbers, I am not a prophet.  But I can tell you an unfiltered/unaccountable device owned by a teen will be used to access pornography.  That leaves you with a choice.  Hope that your teen is the exception to an almost unavoidable trend or wake up to the reality that your child just might be accessing what you didn't expect.  

Teens are curious.  They have a tendency towards sin.  And they have hormones "raging."  We can not give them a device, with no accountability, that will open them to a world of nudity and sex! 

I am sure we could think of all types of behavior that could be considered "the worst thing you could do to your child."  There is little reason to debate over that.  As parents or leaders we should try to avoid anything that might even come close to making the final cut. 

Please don't contribute to your child's failure make sure they are protected online!   For a recommendation on Purity Accountability services you can read here.   

Make sure your have a filter on your computer!  It is one of the BEST things you can do for your child!  

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