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Ben Schettler - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing the Pure. Truth. Movement's Blog! Since 2012 Pure. Truth. has reached thousands of parents and students with the Bible's truth of purity at live events. Our goal is to stop the lies a generation is being told. We are continuing that education for parents and leaders right here on this blog.

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1. Provide relevant information about sexual purity to Parents, Pastors, Educators, and Leaders of children and young adults.

Knowledge is power. Divine knowledge is divine power. The last thing you want to be is powerless in the fight for a generation's purity. Expect reports on cutting edge research as well as Bible information on how to navigate the road ahead. Excellence in leadership or parenting isn't always about independent genius. Sometimes it's as simple as utilizing information that is available to you.

2. Focus on the heart. The external can be conditioned to obey but, external success only has temporary value.

One day that student will leave your class, your child will be an adult, and that teenager will graduate from the youth group. If their heart wasn't touched whatever form of godliness they had will fall away. We will talk about the external. Our focus will be reaching the heart.

3. Address cultural changes from Biblical viewpoints.

What does the Bible say about purity? Modern technology and cultural trends may not be mentioned in scripture however, the Bible does give us principles regarding purity to follow. We will look at the 21st century challenges through the lens of these scriptural principles. The Bible is our foundation.

4. Increase the frequency you discuss purity with your children or those you lead.

We don't talk about purity enough. Our children hear far to many lies from the world.Freedom from impurity will correspond to the frequency of of truth your child hears. If they know the truth the truth will set them free. It's time for a resource that encourages more dialogue and conversations about purity.

5. Be brief.

Quick reads. Informative posts. I promise we will get to the point. You're busy.

6. Constantly remind you of the dangers.

If the smoke alarm goes off in your house how many times does it beep? Probably too many, right? If the alarm only beeped once it would be worthless. Like an alarm, we want to provide a constant reminder of the danger. For instance, Did you know that pornographers target 11 year old children with online marketing strategies? These articles will serve as a much needed reminder that the Devil, like a lion, is seeking a prey to devour.


Give Hope in difficult times. Failure can cast a shadow on hope. Remembering that our ultimate success is ensured can be a huge comfort in difficult times. In a discouraging world this is the place to come for encouragement!

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I look forward to providing this resource to you. My prayer is that together we can reach a generation with the truth of purity. Join me as we stop the lies together! Are there additional things you think we should be focusing on? What type of articles would you like to read? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.


Ben Schettler

Ask or Think, President; Pure. Truth. Movement founder.

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