Pure. Truth. and Covenant Eyes.

Ben Schettler - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When it comes to protecting your children and family from impurity online is a quality internet accountability service.  Pure. Truth. has developed a partnership and relationship with Covenant Eyes.  This service has a mission to help families stay protected online.  I like any company that is interested in helping families but I love how this company has a specific mission and passion to help others live holy!  You can read more about how Covenant Eyes is helping families here.  Through Pure. Truth.'s partnership with Covenant Eyes you can receive one free month of completely free services!  Just use promo code:  pure truth when you sign up.  

Covenant Eyes provides two types of internet services:

Online Accountability:  This service allows you to search anywhere online but provides a mentor or parent a list of the history and search terms you have used online.  This weekly report opens a dialogue between the user and the person or parent keeping the user accountable.  For many teens or young adults knowing that someone will receive a report of every place they have been online is a deterrent to wrong choices.

Online Filtering:  This services blocks sites that have questionable or pornographic material.  For families with young children who go online this type of service is a must.  Unfortunately pornographic companies begin targeting children at age 11.  Most children stumble on pornographic material for the first time while working on homework or some type of school project.  

Covenant Eyes keeps your children and family from stumbling onto these sites by blocking pornographic pictures and information.  For more information about Covenant Eyes and to get a free month of their services visit them at www.covenanteyes.com.  Promo Code:  pure truth

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