Eleven Incredible Reasons To Attend The Pure Truth Conference!

Ben Schettler - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1.  You don't want to be Blind, spiritually that is.   Jesus said blessed are the PURE in heart for they shall SEE God.  Impurity will keep you from seeing God, His Kingdom and all He has for you.  

2.  Purity is one of the greatest challenges of this generation.  If you are a parent or a teen don't miss out on a day that gives you tools and looks to the Bible to conquer through the power of the spirit one of the Greatest temptations of this generation.

3.  Our Philosophy.  Do you know the difference between Purity and Abstinence?  Abstinence is a decision to wait for a physical relationship until marriage.  Purity involves our heart soul and mind.  At Pure. Truth. we seek to go to the heart of the matter.  We don't want you to be externally conditioned we want you to 

4.    Because the Bible is our guide, our hope, and our light.  Pure. Truth. is Bible centered.  While the conference has fun times and entertaining moments our biggest focus is on what the Bible says about purity.    

5.   The 30 day challenge.  Rather than just giving you instruction on Purity we give you a plan of action you can take with you!  For 30 days you can get instruction through a text message, there is a video online for every day of the challenge, and a website filled with resources that can help your walk with God remain pure.  

6.  You will Get some questions answered.   You have questions.  What is the difference between Purity and Abstinence? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?  While we can't provide all the answers, this is a place to find what the Bible says about a the important subject of purity.  

7.   Because you are not alone.  While it easy to feel like you are the only one who really wants to wait for God's timing for a relationship.   To wait for a physical relationship until marriage.  There are many others just like you.  Be encouraged by coming to the Pure. Truth. Conference.  You will see:  You are not alone! 

8.   Everyone Else is doing it.  This is never a good reason for jumping off a bridge or walking over a cliff, but there are thousands of teens or parents just like you who have gotten Bible truth about purity from Pure Truth.  You should totally be a part of what is helping so many.  


9.  There is help for Parents.  One of the Unique aspects of Pure, Truth. is the parent track.  Outside of the Holy Spirt and the Bible we know that Parents are the greatest keys to success.  

10.  Because you don't need to hear crass or explicit language to learn about purity.  We handle the topic with appropriateness.  The Holy Spirit will convict teens of sinfulness.  Mentioning body parts, protection and other details usually only exposes the innocent members of the audience.  Our expert speakers handle these topics with an appropriateness that bring conviction to those who have failed and help to those who have not.  

11.  We value excellence.  Pure Truth has been called "one of the greatest presentations on the subject of purity," for a reason.  Because we realize how important this message is we have worked to do everything we can to make the message relevant, engaging , and helpful for every person that attends.  You can see the upcoming Pure. Truth. events here and sign up today!  Or contact us about hosting Pure. Truth. at your church, school, camp or retreat.  

Bonus!  There is Free Stuff.  Ok who doesn't like a great give-away?   While we match the cool gifts of other conferences like free t-shirts, CD's we give away some crazy light ups hats and unique gifts to everyone that comes.  This will be a great time.  Hope to see you there!  

What are some reason worth coming to this event?  Have you ever been to a Pure. Truth. Conference?  Would you recommend it?  

You can contact us today about coming to your church, school, camp or organization.  

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