100 Million Reasons Pornography Has Become A Problem With Women

Ben Schettler - Monday, August 25, 2014

Right now outside of the Bible 50 Shades of Grey is the most popular book in the world.  This story of fantasy, lust, and sexual adventure has captivated the feminine mind and propelled the genre of literary erotica to an unprecedented popularity.  It has now sold over 100,000,000 copies.  I didn't make a mistake.  There are not too many zeros in that number.  One-hundred million.  The book has surpassed popular series like Twilight and even Harry Potter.   The majority of those copies have been sold to women.  

It has come.

There is a feminine counterpart to the primarily masculine addiction of pornography.

There is a new opportunity for depravity.  Lust with a feminine design is now creeping into the hearts of women.  Chapter by chapter 50 Shades of Grey perverts the mind of its readers leaving them jaded and deluded about the person God made them.  In many ways the arrival of a new taboo seems expected.  Why wouldn't our culture take another step down the stairwell to depravity?  I wish I was shocked.  I wish I could say I am sitting here gasping in horror.  But I am not. 

I have been speaking around the country for several years now predicting a sociological apocalypse.  A complete downfall of American culture because of an inability for us to understand our humanness.  We have been degraded to animals and we are behaving more like them everyday.     Undoubtedly the confusion that the gender delusion movement has weaved into our culture will ultimately unravel the fabric of our society.  

We are obsessed with sex.  

So what is the answer?  Can we do anything about this?  Unfortunately in a short blog article I can not explain to you the underlining principles that have pushed us to where we are now.  I recommend attending one of our conferences to get the full scoop.   However here are 8 things I would like to share that I believe will be helpful:  

1.  Don't read Fifty Shades of Grey.  What has shocked me, is the number of Christian people that have reportedly read this book.  It seems obvious but, apparently this needs to be said.  

2.  Protect your heart from mental pornography and visual pornography.  Realize threats exists beyond nude photography.  There is a new taboo.  

3.  Understand that sexual impurity is not exclusively a masculine problem.  Historically messages and teachings about purity have been directed at men.  Purity is a problem of the heart and affects both genders.  Women are not exempt.  

4.  Renew your mind.  The Bible says not to be conformed to this world.  The transformation from "the world" to "the truth" comes through "the renewing of our minds."  If meditation in the pages of scripture was important before, it is even more important now.  

5.  Protect your children.  Parents need to be aware that both sons and daughters are being exposed to perversions on multiple levels.  Protect your children through internet filters on their phone and through a one on one continuous dialogue where they learn the truth about purity.  You children will get answers about sex.  Make sure those answers come from you.  

6.  Make purity a HUGE priority.   This isn't a small problem its a big problem.  Big problems require significant effort when it comes to finding their solutions.  If you do not begin to make a pursuit of sexual purity a significant part of your life failure may be imminent.  

7.  Deepen your marriage.  Never has there been a time to grow closer to your spouse.  Husbands must pursue their wives with love as Christ loved the church.  Wives do not allow your husband to drift away.  Alternatives to a healthy relationship are dangled in front of us now more than ever.  We must grow closer with our spouse and make a greater effort to do so.  

8.  Trust the Savior.  God is in control.  He is all-powerful and if He is for us who can be against us?  Success can only be found in Him but, it can be found!   

Please share this article with those you think could be helped by it!  

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