What is Pure.Truth. ?

Pure.Truth. is a national movement teaching God’s plan for purity. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” The lies of impurity our culture and world pushes on students has kept them from seeing God. In 2012 Pure.Truth. reached 1,100 at its very first event. Over the last three years, Pure.Truth. has reached thousands of teens and parents at 18 conferences across America with guidance from the greatest book ever written on pure living, the Bible. 

Combining expert speakers, short films, an engaging program, parent education, and a 30 day challenge for all attendees, the Pure.Truth. Conference provides an unparalleled experience that some have said is, “by far the best presentation of the subject I have ever experienced.”

We believe that purity is so much more than just a decision of abstinence. Purity is a condition of the heart that must be lived out everyday whether married or single. We want to connect the heart of the student to their parents, pastor, church, the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit so they can know the truth; so they can be free; so they can see God. The lies stop here!

Every student who attends Pure.Truth. will be…

Inspired not Defeated.

Constantly being inundated with impurity can make success feel out of reach. Teens will leave with a vision and passion instilled in their heart to say,
“I can succeed in this culture by the grace of God.”

Informed not Unsure.

Television, movies, music, and culture at large have a “message” about love. Teens will learn what God’s Word says about marriage, divorce, and the time for a physical relationship. That information empowers them to walk in the spirit with confidence.

Accepted not Outcasts.

Students who stand for purity can feel alone. A unique aspect of Pure.Truth. are the hundreds of teens that create a feeling of community. Not only do they receive encouragement from God’s Word, but teens are also reminded they are not an outcast but there are many others who are passionate about standing for right.

Eternally Changed not Temporarily Conditioned.

Purity is a spiritual issue and we are praying that God, not man, is the One who works between the words spoken and the images seen in this conference. We want to see teens choose to walk in the Spirit not just make an emotional decision or check a box on a card.

Connected not Alone.

The 30 Day Challenge program connects teens to the Bible, their church, their youth group, and their parents long after the conference is over. This resource (included in the conference cost) has been effective at starting important conversations between teens and parents and providing much needed accountability.