Why are Pure.Truth. Conferences effective?

A New Philosophy:

It is time that the church approach the topic of purity with a fresh Biblical approach. A one time purity commitment to abstain from a physical relationship is only the beginning step to purity. At Pure.Truth. we challenge students to seek God from the heart, the place where purity begins.

Continued Help:

We don’t leave students hanging. After the event, there is a follow-up 30 day challenge that is available in their notebook. There is a video for everyday of the challenge, a verse to meditate on, and a step of action.

Parent Education:

We provide help to the entire family not just part of the family. Informed and proactive parents are one of the keys to a student living pure.

Relevant Speakers:

Your students will love the games, giveaways and music at the event but we believe that the thing they will love the most are the talks that they hear about purity. God has gifted some people in ways to be effective with communicating to others. Expect to hear gifted communicators teaching the Word to your students. We don’t apologize for placing the teaching, preaching, and communicating of the Word of God as the primary priority at Pure.Truth.

A Work of God:

While we ask God to use us, we understand that we are only vessels. He is the one who is going to effect real change in the heart of a student.

Directness with Appropriateness:

Unfortunately, there are some purity speakers and programs that expose students to impurity by being graphic and inappropriate. We value the innocence of the student and understand that things can be phrased in an appropriate way without being graphic or explicit.


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