Why is Pure.Truth. so impactful for a parent or teen?

Pure.Truth. meets parents and teens in a relevant way. Too often relevance has been defined by the “cool factor.”  While we know your students will enjoy the presentation, to us being relevant means being creative about the way we relate the message of the Bible to the 21st century context with which teens are being challenged. This conference not only addresses purity but it answers the important question, “why?” It also challenges each student to develop a plan of action and leaves them with videos and a plan for the next 30 days to follow God. This conference is relevant not because its “cool” but because the information is made accessible, usable, and relatable to teens.  The conference is also relevant to parents.  This conference will make parents aware of everything from the culture their child is being raised in to practical ideas like, how to talk to your child about sex, how to completely protect your child from the dangers of the internet, and how to build a relationship with your child that will help them guard their heart from impurity and thrive in their relationship with Christ.  


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